Growing up in Soviet Union during the communist era was somewhat challenging. living a decent life was a rare commodity. Opportunities were virtually none existent, unless you were a goodfella. These kind of situations would give way to exploration and possibilities for something better.

At a very young age I was always creating and making things. My friends and I would make our own toys and games. Bigger projects were an ice rink in the winter for hockey and skating. We also built castles made out of snow blocks that we would cut with a snow  shovel, stacked, and sprayed with water to solidify the structure. They were built for midlevel battles that we had with other kids from nearby  neighborhoods. The swards and weapons were made of wood, and the armor was a cardboard over winter clothing that gave some protection from blows. For head gear we wore army helmets that we stole from a nearby military base. The armies would consist of at least between 60 and 80 kids. What a site that was. And in the summer there were battles of the barbarians. You can only imagine  what that was like. Some of us got really messed up. Life was good.

Hi, I am Sinbad Kazakian a fashion photographer, and I live in Venice California. My family and I immigrated to United States in 1973. And the American dream began in a small part of Hollywood called Little Armenia.

Photography was always a passion of mine. Through a photograph it is possible to capture that one moment in life, a moment that will last forever. And that is fascinating to me. I also love to tell stories through my photography, I call these series, Photographic Novels, that are shot in a cinematic 70mm format. 

The creative process over time gave me a natural ability to understand composition, color, and the emotional part of creation. I understand the production process of a small to a massive scale projects. And I also understand how to put together a team, coordinate, and art direct an assignment to achieve the objective. 

Venice is a very interesting and magical place to live. A place that opens your mind and lets you explore the possibilities. Where crazy becomes a norm. You don’t hold back and try to please the conventional mindset. It’s a place where you can detach yourself from your tangible mind and take a journey  into the unknown  and experience the ultimate obis. It is a place where you are free. Through my imagery I want the viewer to feel it, move them, let their minds go deeper, awake the giant and  feel the euphoria of creation.

Thank you for visiting my site, and I hope to collaborate on some amazing projects in the future